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The Duniform® sealed packaging concept is all about safety, simplicity and quality. Ideal for today’s hygiene-conscious world, it provides everything you need to work safer and smarter, and ensure your customers have a great experience – whether you run an established deli, HMR business, or are switching to serving take-away.

Everything in the Duniform® concept works together to protect freshness and health. It gives you excellent local support, and a market-leading selection of trays, films, machines and eco-conscious materials to choose from. Even better, as it is scalable, you get a secure, stylish sealed packaging solution that can grow with your business.


Is the plug connected?

This is the first thing to investigate if there are no lights on.

If there is still no lights glowing on the DF20/25 the fuse might have blown. For DF10/15 other parts may be broken. For the DF20/25 the fuse can easily be swapped, but for the DF10/15 it will need service.

Lights flash

On the DF20/25 the light always flashes at start temperature until it gets hot. Other flashes indicate error. Please schedule service maintenance.

On DF10/15 there is no lights that can flash. The only thing that glows on these is the light for the temperature switch. When it is hot the light will go out.

I can't lower the lid

The hatch stop that sits on the machine is in the retracted position when the hood is in the raised position, then the hood cannot be folded down. Action frees the door stop.

On the DF20/25 it may be that the engine is in the wrong position. Please contact service technician for instructions.

It isn't getting hot

Check if you have set the correct temperature. For DF20/25 then check the fuse. For DF10/15 please schedule service maintenance.

The film doesn't stick

You might have set too low temperature or the film is upside-down in the machine. Only one side of the film stick to the trays.

The machine cuts poorly

For the DF10/15 try replace the silicone strip, for the knife resistance, with a new one. For DF20/25 the silicone strip opposite the knife may be missing. It may also be that the knife is worn-out. To replace the knife the machine needs to be brought in for maintenance. Please contact service technician.

The machine welds unevenly

This often means that the machine is worn-out. Please contact your service technician for maintenance.



Optimal hygiene and freshness, secure transport


Machines, trays, sealing films and transport solutions designed to work together


Customisation options include stickers, sleeves and printed films


Extended shelf-life and reduced food waste with MAP


Service hotline for all machines


Our in-house team can help you choose the optimal Duniform® machine for your company.

Every machine is designed to be as simple as possible and make it possible to change the cassette in a few moments. Most of our machines are manufactured in Sweden or Italy, using high quality steel. You can choose from the following types of machines: Manual: lift up and close the lid to seal your filled trays; Semi-automatic: place the filled tray in the cassette and the machine does the rest; Automatic: the machine both fills and seals the tray, and can handle very large volumes.

Do you want to schedule service maintenance?


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